CV Maju Aquarium
Exporter of Ornamental Fish, Aquatic Bettle & Frozen Bloodworm



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CV Maju Aquarium was established by Mr Jap Khiat Bun in 1976. Initially our main activity was breeding Congo Tetra and Rumynose for the local market. Since 1978, we have collected Clown Loach (Botia macracantha) and export them to few countries.

We have started with 50 aquariums and 10 concrete tanks. At this time, we have hundreds of aquariums and concrete tanks.

We have exported to various countries, such as: Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, European countries, USA and Australia. Our direct contact to airline companies results in best possible flights at lowest freight rates.

The Main Business Activity


  • With ample experience in handling, packaging, and acclimatizing of fish, we guarantee high quality products to our customers.
  • With good support from our suppliers, freight forwarding companies and administration staff, we give the best to our customers.
  • With strong support given to us by our present customers, we are confident to give them better and more efficient service.

We have also registered as a member of Ornamental Fish International since 1998.

Cites Registration A-ID-522.